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About Us

Welcome to Upward Smiles®, the leader in compassionate, non-profit comprehensive dental care for children and pregnant women.  Upward Smiles began in 2012, with Sherry L. Cauley, RDH founding the organization to fulfill the dental needs of underserved children in St. Francois County on Medicaid.  At that time, there were no providers in the area that accepted Medicaid.  In 2014, we expanded to the Jefferson County area, with our office conveniently located off of Interstate-55 in Festus.  Our Sedation Station® was created, constructed, and became operational in 2018 to provide Deep Sedation dentistry - under general anesthesia - to those children who are young, apprehensive, and have extensive restorative needs.   Upward Smiles has continuously remained a necessity in the industry for underserved, underinsured patients.   Our primary goal is to always serve the needs of our patients in any situation.  Whether through our free mobile restorative dentistry school-based programs, back-to-school fairs, in-office treatment, donations of toothbrushes & goodie bags, or educational presentations - we are proud to be the main dental care provider for the majority of underserved children in the region.


Since we opened our doors, our team of dedicated, passionate dental professionals has improved the lives (and smiles!) of nearly 25,000 children, and we are always accepting new patients.  We accept all forms of Missouri Medicaid and do not charge patients anything for our services. 


*If your child is uninsured and experiencing dental pain or infection & you are unable to afford treatment at a private practice - contact our office.  As able, we will provide any urgent treatment at no charge.

No terms & conditions. 

No compromising the quality of care.

Just.  Great.  Dentistry.


Sound too good to be true?  Call our office today to learn more or schedule an appointment, and give our team a chance to exceed your expectations.


Festus Regular Clinic
660 N Creek Dr.
Festus, MO 63028

Sedation Station 

(separate Upper Level of the same building)

Farmington Office

2820 Anchor Dr.

Farmington, MO 63640

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**Solicitation/sales calls, emails, mailers are NOT accepted**


Receptionist/Scheduling Inquiries:


Sherry Cauley, RDH - Chief Executive Officer:


Jeffrey R. Cauley, MBA - Chief Operating Officer:

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Contact Us
1-855-944-KIDS (5437)
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