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We want to make it seeing the dentist as easy as possible. With our mobile unit we are able to bring the dental office to you and this is how we do it.

  • Before the beginning of the school year we get in contact with the schools in the surrounding area and set up dates of when we will come in and give brief overview of the things we will be doing

  • During the school year students receive a permission form from their nurses. This form must be completed and handed in before the day we come to the school to perform screenings

  • When we come in we get to the schools we set up our mobile office in the provided space at the school.

  • Screenings and treatment are then performed thoughout the week.

  • Each child is given a screening report sheet and a toothbrush at the end. 

In this area will be the basics of how it work from talking with the schools about setting up dates to handing out the forms that need to be signed. It will also include things about the mobile unit and our make shift dental office and the providers we have that have made this possible. I need to talk to Sherry about this page for further content.

School program

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