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school program

Our team provides a mobile unit for schools in the surrounding area. We start off by screening the children, looking at their dental hygiene and determining whether they need any sealants or treatment. Through out the week our team returns to the school to apply sealants and perform treatments as necessary. 

  • Dental screening
    • Each child gets examined by one of our hygienist. During each examination we like to educate the children of the importance of brushing and flossing. Children who have been given parental permission receive their first application of fluoride if no sealants are needed.  
  • Sealants​ aka Stars
    • When a child's permanent molars become visible sealants   image to be placed can be applied. Sealants are applied so that bacteria can                               here  not get into the deep grooves of a molar. During the                                            screening we determine whether or not a child can receive                            sealants. Children who need sealants are asked to come                                      back at a later time for sealant application. ​
  • Treatment​
    • We provide in-school treatment for the children that need urgent care. With our mobile unit we are able to take X-rays, perform extractions,(needs more content)
We are beyond excited at the opportunity ​of bringing the dentist to the children and providing them with quality care in a convenient way. 
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